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Our New Outdoor Workshop

Summer is finally here and we are thrilled to have moved outside to our new outdoor workshop. It can get a bit hot and dusty inside!
We have many customers who don't feel quite confident enough to buy furniture online and that's totally understandable - furniture is so key to creating a comfortable home. That's why we offer flexible appointments for anyone who is interested in one of our pieces and wants to see it before they buy, or if they have a custom piece in mind and want a 1-2-1 conversation about it.
If you would like to come and visit us in Walthamstow, simply send an email to and we can arrange a time. We are open every day from 9.30-17.30 but we are also able to take appointments on evenings and weekends if you are office-bound in the week!
We are lucky enough to be situated right next door to the fantastic Wood Street Coffee, so you can enjoy a lovely coffee and/or lunch after meeting us if it takes your fancy!

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