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London Reclaimed Wood

We are very excited here at the workshop as we have got our hands on some gorgeous new reclaimed hardwood. The picture above is a wonderful piece of Spalted Beech, which has a very unique patina which will look even  better once we oil it and transform it into a console table. Below we have London reclaimed 'Pippy Oak' which we plan to make into a live edge coffee table.

Here at La Maison De Furniture, working with only reclaimed wood is central to our ethos. Our new reclaimed hardwoods come from trees in London which would have otherwise been destroyed and turned to woodchip. Our supplier is working closely with local authorities in London to ensure that this amazing wood is put to a good use.

We will be adding one-of-a-kind hardwood pieces to our website in the coming months, so keep an eye out for updates!

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